Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 unpleaseant ticketmaster lies - Class-action lawyers: Ticketmaster agrees to settlement

photo of ticketmaster - Class-action lawyers: Ticketmaster agrees to settlement Class-action lawyers: Ticketmaster agrees to settlement

Updated: Tue May. 01 2012 07:27:09

The Canadian Press

VANCOUVER — Lawyers for Ticketmaster Canada customers who sued over the company's sales and pricing practices say there's a tentative settlement of class action suits launched in four provinces.

If the courts approve the deal, customers who bought qualifying tickets on will get automatic refunds, even though Ticketmaster says it didn't do anything wrong.

The settlement calls for people who bought tickets through the company's secondary site Tickets Now to get a refund of $36 per ticket. The settlement does not cover tickets sold over the Ticketmaster website.

The first of the court hearings required before the settlement can be finalized will take place in Ontario on June 29. Other hearings will be held in Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta.

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Mike Calgary
The rich thieves get busted and will probably continue to rip people off.

What a sad excuse for human beings !

Canada the land of opportunity - for the rich !

chris in calgary
This is what happens when a monopoly is allowed to go unchecked. They get exclusive rights to sell tickets for an event, they get to nickel and dime you for every fee they can imagine.

Hey, it must be worth it when you sit for two to three hours watching a sporting or music event, when you're already paying over 100 bucks to rent a pop-covered folding chair with no back support.

Ticketmaster says they didn't do anything wrong? Let's just hope the judgment is big enough to make them stop, think and figure it out. I, for one, am tired of being hosed!

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