Monday, March 19, 2012

At long last something good to know about microsoft zune

image of microsoft zune - Why Is iTunes Trying To Be Like Zune? Why Is iTunes Trying To Be Like Zune?

An interesting storyline has made it to Techmeme. Apple’s iTunes slogan is strikingly similar to the one Microsoft uses for Zune.

This revelation appears to have started with Microsoft blog Zunited, which points out a number of elements where Apple has been “inspired” by Microsoft, including design and social networking.

“This was no coincidence,” Zunited blogger CoryRS says of the slogan. “It looks like Microsoft had some good ideas and Apple took notice. The disappointing part is how few people noticed.”

Above, you can see the Apple version. Here’s Microsoft’s:

Here’s some of the Twitter discussion around the topic:

I can’t personally confirm which site had the slogan first. I actually have a Zune, and I don’t use iTunes. Even as a Zune user, I’ve rarely had any reason to go to the actual site that says this. I haven’t seen anybody so far speaking out and saying that Apple had it first, however.

If both companies are attached to the slogan, this could become an issue.

Recent rumors/reports indicate Microsoft may be planning a new music service, which could either replace or complement Zune, but geared more towards Xbox 360 and Windows Phones.

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