Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What, in your opinion, are Miles Davis' top 5 albums?

I know I'm not going to get a lot of responses on this, so Stan V, I'm looking at you. Sketches of Spain is probably my favorite too now actually. Hello Wirftgu,
These are my selections with only one or two during '69 as this started his jazz rock period with the release in '79 of the quintets " Circle In The Round" and "Water In The Pond" with the addition of Joe Beck rock guitarist that i never got into with enthusiasm.

1 - Milestones rec' 4/58 on Columbia CK 85203
2 - The Complete Birth Of The Cool rec' 9/48-3/50 on Blue Note 94550
3 - Kind Of Blue rec' 3-4/59 on Columbia CK 64935
4 - In A Silent Way rec' 2/69 on Columbia 450982
5 - Bitches Brew rec' 8/69 on Columbia 460602 a 2 CD set

I would recommend The Complete Live At The Plugged Nickel rec' 12/65 on Columbia CXK 66955 a 7 CD set with Highlights From The Plugged Nickel on Columbia CK 67377

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