Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overkill's new single released yesterday. Thoughts? ^ "Electric Rattlesnake" It sounds a lot like their last album, Ironbound to me and also gives me Killbox 13 and Immortalis flashbacks. That being said, I really loved Ironbound, and I think this single is pretty good, even if the name of it is laughable. Their new album "The Electric Age" will be out March 27, so I'll end up re-posting another "What do you think?" question on that day for the album, but I'm just curious for fans of Overkill what your thoughts are on this new single. Thanks! Dr. Gordon Freeman DANG!!!!!!

Holy sh*t is the only thing I can say right now. That kicked my @rss so fukcing hard, I think we might easily expect another Thrash masterpiece such as Ironbound. Song sounds very much like an Electric Rattlesnake, aptly chosen title. The name's cheesy, but heck who cares? Some would say Bobby's vocals are laughable but I freakin love it and the catchy shrill tone of the chorus.

Great sounding Thrash, pounding you in the guts until you reel over, frantic drums, pacy rhythm guitar, scorching bass. Intense, powerful that's whats Thrash is all about. Those crunchy fat juicy riffs and bass, groovy time changes are super tasty. Blitz screams are epic gritty but it's the drums that really make my day. Lead guitar is OK but nothing special.. but it works and that's the important thingy.

If the rest of the album sounds like this, it would be as good a Thrash record as any. Great track, great band. Heck, they're almost as consistently brilliant as Maiden!!! =D

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